“I found Dr. Landau to be both knowledgeable and skillful in the course of my treatment. He answered all my questions and showed a genuine concern for my well being.” C.R.

“I know now I can wear shorts with no concern about my varicose veins.” Valentino C. V.S.

“With Dr. Landau’s procedures, my calves are absolutely cleared. He has ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs. I am very grateful to Dr. Landau. Now, I don’t have any complex about my legs. I have shapely legs, so why shouldn’t I feel good about exposing them? When friends remark about it, I smile to myself.” J.V.

“Don’t wait to have your legs taken care of. If I had started sooner, I would have been able to wear things I avoided much earlier in life, not to mention so many water activities that I avoided.” P.S.

“Pain is gone. Legs don’t feel so old. Shorts not a problem. Dates not a problem. Worry has been lifted off my shoulders.” C.C.

“The treatments work! At first, I was skeptical; but, then it just started to work. You have to have patience. The needles really don’t hurt, it’s just the idea (of being stuck with needles). C.F.

“If leg appearance bothers you, why not consider vein treatment. Money shouldn’t be the factor; self esteem should. Another note, before Dr. Landau treated my legs, I had other prior treatments; but, it always failed because it was always incomplete and would occur again.” J.V.

“Dr. Landau is very good. All my vein (problem) is gone. I wear short pants and nylon stocking looks Great! I started to walk–Doctor told me to. I feel good and keep my weight (down). I go (on) trips all the time…like cruises…(and) I could wear nice clothing. I’m so happy now.” S.K.

“Do not hesitate (to get help). Good for physical and mental well being. Several years ago (I had) surgery for (the) same problem; I was kept immobile for months. With (Dr. Landau’s) treatment, I was able to remain active.” C.C.

“There is no pain involved. Wearing the compression hose did not limit (my) activities as I mainly wear slacks.” A.H.

“I would show you my before and after photos anytime. I never thought (my legs could) get like this before. No pain at all. Thank you Dr. Landau.” S.K.

“I would recommend (anyone) to get treatment as soon as you get varicose veins.” L.L.

“Aside from the obvious cosmetic enhancement, the treatments affect blood circulation and helps to eliminate minor leg pain.” M.M.