« I found Dr. Landau to be both knowledgeable and skillful in the course of my treatment. He answered all my questions and showed a genuine concern for my well being. » C.R.

« I know now I can wear shorts with no concern about my varicose veins. » Valentino C. V.S.

« With Dr. Landau’s procedures, my calves are absolutely cleared. He has ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs. I am very grateful to Dr. Landau. Now, I don’t have any complex about my legs. I have shapely legs, so why shouldn’t I feel good about exposing them? When friends remark about it, I smile to myself. » J.V.

« Don’t wait to have your legs taken care of. If I had started sooner, I would have been able to wear things I avoided much earlier in life, not to mention so many water activities that I avoided. » P.S.

« Pain is gone. Legs don’t feel so old. Shorts not a problem. Dates not a problem. Worry has been lifted off my shoulders. » C.C.

« The treatments work! At first, I was skeptical; but, then it just started to work. You have to have patience. The needles really don’t hurt, it’s just the idea (of being stuck with needles). C.F.

« If leg appearance bothers you, why not consider vein treatment. Money shouldn’t be the factor; self esteem should. Another note, before Dr. Landau treated my legs, I had other prior treatments; but, it always failed because it was always incomplete and would occur again. » J.V.

« Dr. Landau is very good. All my vein (problem) is gone. I wear short pants and nylon stocking looks Great! I started to walk–Doctor told me to. I feel good and keep my weight (down). I go (on) trips all the time…like cruises…(and) I could wear nice clothing. I’m so happy now. » S.K.

« Do not hesitate (to get help). Good for physical and mental well being. Several years ago (I had) surgery for (the) same problem; I was kept immobile for months. With (Dr. Landau’s) treatment, I was able to remain active. » C.C.

« There is no pain involved. Wearing the compression hose did not limit (my) activities as I mainly wear slacks. » A.H.

« I would show you my before and after photos anytime. I never thought (my legs could) get like this before. No pain at all. Thank you Dr. Landau. » S.K.

« I would recommend (anyone) to get treatment as soon as you get varicose veins. » L.L.

« Aside from the obvious cosmetic enhancement, the treatments affect blood circulation and helps to eliminate minor leg pain. » M.M.