Beverly Hills Varicose & Spider Vein Treatment Specials

New Year’s Special

(January 1st thru January 31st)
20% Off Initial Vein Ultrasound*      *(after Free Screening)

Valentine’s Day Special

(February 1st thru February 28th)
Free Pair of Sheer and Sexy Support Hose*      * (with a paid treatment)

Spring Special

(March 1st thru April 30th)
10% Off a Sclerotherapy/Injection Treatment Session

Mother’s Day Special

(May 1st thru May 31st)
15% Off Botox®**      **(12 unit minimum)

Summer Special

(June 1st thru August 31st)
Free Vivite® Bottle*       *(with a single EVLT® or ClosureFAST™ treatment)

Back To School Special

(September 1st thru October 31st)
Free Latisse® Bottle*       *(with a single EVLT® or ClosureFAST™ treatment)

Holiday Special

(November 1st thru December 31st)
Free Consult And 15% Off First Pair of Stockings*      *(with a paid treatment session)

Senior Discount

10% off support hose with treatment