Compression Stockings in Beverly Hills, CA

Compression stockings are an important supportive device often used in the treatment of spider and varicose veins. By providing light and consistent pressure to the leg muscles, circulation is improved, which aids in recovery and decreases discomfort.

The compression stockings generally have elastic or rubberized fibers running throughout the material, allowing pressure to vary along the length of the stocking, from the ankle upward. Compression levels can vary by stocking, and your doctor will help guide you in selecting the best stocking for your needs.

About Vein Care Medical Center

At the Vein Care Medical Center, a vein clinic treating Beverly Hills varicose veins, patients are offered minimally invasive treatments to get them back on their feet and back to their everyday activities in very minimal time. Michael Landau, MD offers his years of experienced in the medical world helping patients who are having to face varicose and spider veins dysfunction. A cure for spider veins is offered through the latest medical technology, including sclerotherapy and laser spider vein removal in Beverly Hills, which are both highly effective options for patients seeking freedom from uncomfortable and unsightly vein disorders. With each type of treatment, patients are offered the opportunity to enjoy clearer and more radiant skin. This Los Angeles varicose veins center is a huge relief for anyone who has suffered from vein dysfunction.

For anyone who is seeking out treatment for spider veins in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Landau offers his care and expertise to all of those in Beverly Hills or anywhere in the greater LA area who are looking for a treatment that will not require lengthy recovery times. This Los Angeles varicose veins doctor treats his patients with the latest care procedures and uses the recent advent of ultra-sound technology to help locate the veins that must be treated without any invasive procedures. Vein Care Medical Center offers the necessary and modern technology to treat your spider veins in minimal time and with minimal invasion.